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We’re excited to welcome back renowned Casting Director and Acting Teacher, Deborah Aquila!

She will be coming to Vancouver to do a Two-Day On-Camera Intensive:
Saturday & Sunday, Nov 9-10 from 10am – 6pm
Pricing and details below! Note that current students get 20% off Workshops!

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Fall round of our two 6-week courses begin Sept 9th and Sept 11th, 2019

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The PRINCIPALS OF THE CRAFT voice, movement, script analysis and interpretation class, and the ACTOR’S GYM scene study class are run by Jessica Aquila Cymerman and Éanna O’Dowd.

Identifying and strengthening these tools will help the actor fine tune their craft. Each course will run for 6-weeks, once a week.

Our aim is to provide a space for performers to grow. A hub where actors can feel safe and supported, while being challenged to deepen their craft, and build confidence in their work.

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To enroll email with your materials. See below for requirements.

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MJ “I was incredibly impressed by the play space Jess and Eanna created during their Back to Basics course. Within the six weeks I was reminded the importance of being in your body and the sophisticated storytellers that we, as humans, are. They provided me with tools I will continue to use in my craft with character and expression from text to body. I found myself excited week in and week out to jump back into the work and explore in a judgement and ego free environment. I am already looking forward to working again with this duo; their insane knowledge and love of this craft alongside their unique dynamic as Director and Actor makes the insight and teachings of this course that much more powerful.”

           – MJ Kehler (Incredible Violence, The Desolation Prize, Cold Wind Blowing)

merenda_vanessa-full1.jpg   “Take class with Jessica and Éanna! Both instructors are highly qualified and extremely gifted at catering to your Individual needs as an actor. Having experience and training in various techniques and styles, allows them to communicate in ways you’re familiar with, all while expanding your toolbox. They are willing to to go above and beyond if it means you succeeding. I have grown more as an actor within the weeks I’ve spent with them than in any other class.”

    – Vanessa Merenda (TUTS Cinderella, Sweeney Todd, The Foreigner)

 KarlMercer   “I would highly recommend this class for any actor wanting to practice and tune their craft. Jess and Éanna’s passion for the craft of acting is infectious, and they effortlessly create a warm, safe environment in which to take risks, and push yourself as an actor. Having the perspectives of both an actor and a director in class is phenomenal. If I’m struggling with a scene, rather than having one set of notes that might not work for me, Jess and Éanna can articulate techniques and strategies in different ways. It gives you the freedom to choose what resonates with you most in the moment. Not only are they insightful, they’re supportive.”

             -Karl Mercer (The Boy 2, Salvation, Ivy Theatre’s Julius Caesar, The Vault Theatre’s Protect & Survive)

Andrea-Feltrin “Jess and Eanna are a power duo dream-team. Their encouraging, loveable, and insightful demeanours create the perfect environment to learn and hone your craft as an actor. Whether it’s film or theatre – their knowledge and understanding of performance art and the various acting methods and techniques translates to a multifaceted set of skills and tools you can apply to any medium.”

              -Andrea Feltrin, Eyecon Media (Botanical, Retreat, Bushgoddy)

cassandra-29  “The Intensive left me feeling like I have a fully loaded tool box at my disposal whenever I need it. Deb, Jess and Éanna’s wealth of knowledge has inspired me to dig deep into my craft and never stop learning.”

-Cassandra Naud (See, The Fabulous Destiny of Jean ReManne, Snowpiercer)


unnamed.jpg   “Jess and Éanna are a dynamic duo. Their collaboration has allowed me to explore the world of my character with several effective techniques. Under their guidance, I could create the world of the script, with all the evidence provided from the text, as well as my own interpretation. I am certain that I have acquired long term tools from participating in their gym. They are so committed to their students and their curriculum is well sorted out. They know how to guide us towards our highest potential.  My experience has been delightful, and I can not wait to explore more in their artistic container.”

-Gunjan Kundhal (Do you Even Lift?, Bard on the Beach’s All’s Well That Ends Well, A Vancouver Guldasta)

Jy9J6kpg_400x400  “Jess and Éanna are phenomenal. Their combined knowledge, passion, and devotion to the craft is refreshing and inspiring. Respectively, they each offer insightful and transformative guidance for the actor to make the strongest choice. I learned an abundance of transferable skills that have helped me plunge into my imagination, connect to the text, and interpret characters vicerally. They provided a fun, safe, and playful space to explore the human condition. Everything they do, practical or silly, they do with conviction. I respect them immensely as artists, teachers, and friends; I can’t wait to work with them again. Highly recommended. 11/10.”

-Shalyn Ferdinand  (Twilight Zone, Batwoman)

download“I had such a fun 6-weeks, especially because of the fact that we worked so hard. I learned so much from our exercises on tension and getting back into the body. The infinite depth they have regarding scene analysis, and the human condition in general, makes me strive to always dig deeper with the new tools they gave me.

And I really love Jess and Éanna. The passion, dicipline and vulnerability they both bring to teaching this craft is amazing. I cannot wait to work with them again. ”

-Ian Frayne (Sacred Lies, A City Not Far From You, Fishbowl)