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Our North American debut

The Human Ear by Alexandra Wood

Vancouver debut was July 18-21st & 24-25th, 2018!


When Lucy gets a knock at her door, she thinks it’s news of another familial tragedy; instead, her estranged brother has come back home after a decade away. Could it really be him? Her father was killed at war. Her brother retaliated and ran away from home. Her mother was killed in an attack on a city bus. Alone, she has tried to retain the memories of the people closest to her, yet these fragments became ghosts that haunt her doorstep. Ears are like fingerprints. They identify the truth when there is no one to trust. But evidence doesn’t matter when two people truly need one another.


Paige Louter Headshot.jpg Paige Louter

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 9.58.29 PM.png Éanna O’Dowd

We are working to uphold the importance of bringing new and dynamic voices to the stage. Alexandra Wood’s play examines the individuals touched by tragedies in a stripped down and empathetic way. It is exciting to us to be able to expose Vancouver, and greater Canadian audiences, to this exploration of identity in a dangerous world, and the consequences of our actions and words. This is a poignant play about family and the guilt that clings to it, who’s unusual approach to broaching those subjects, we hope will be moving and entertaining.



Reasons to be Pretty

by Neil LaBute

We are excited to debut the Irish premiere of this critically acclaimed play on at Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin!

Who are we when all the cards are on the table? When excuses and distractions lose their power, what will we have to show? Are we pretty enough? Greg’s ex, Steph reminds him that words matter. His married friends Kent and Carly, expecting an unexpected baby, remind him of the feelings at stake. They walk individually togther through life, not listening to each other. Are they living up to their own expectations? Or just the discontent of beauty? “Because we all have a different perception about what real beauty is. Isn’t that funny?”


ally-ryan-large-819x1024  Ally Ryan

img_1233-1  Gemma-Leah Devereux


phpthumb  Killian Coyle

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We firmly believe in the importance of bringing new and dynamic voices to the stage.  It is exciting to us to be able to expose Dublin and greater Irish audiences to the energy and topical messages of beauty and self-worth in this story of human struggle and growth. We also hope to make you laugh!